Black mask

Black mask

This is a story about a magnificent cosmetic product that brought my confidence back. And the newest trending product on the US market, the black mask . Therefore, I am willing to show you the importance of using the right and quality product for your skin. Black mask is the latest facial product from Crystal Beauty company in Idaho.

Black mask

Purifying Peel Off Mask

A few days ago I was searching on the Internet and I found this amazing peeling black mask. There was a video on there official website that shows all the blackheads being removed. Maybe it is a sick thing to enjoy watching, but I thing everyone would love it. Additionally, here is the link where you can find it easily: .

Cheap and easy

Need an attractive looking face?  Get a blackhead remover which is trending and effective. As for me, I have very oily skin type. And unfortunately very problematic skin with a lots of blackheads on my nose and forehead. Our T zone is very vulnerable, especially if treated wrong. If your blackheads are not removed properly can lead to permanent skin damage and forming pimples.

This black mask product can helps you eliminate them, leaving your face attractive and seductive. Black mask price is affordable for everyone. Not only its cheap price, but you will also get a free express delivery to your home. Not to mention they provide only two days delivery from making your order.


Cleanse your face thoroughly and wash your face with lukewarm water. Make sure you had removed your makeup good. In order to open the pores boil some water to make a face steam at your home. You can also put a few bags of lavender or chamomile tea in the water. Steam your face for ten minutes to open the pores.

After, apply an even layer of the black mask on the desired area. And please remember to avoid your eyes, eyebrows and lips. Wait till it’s completely dry and slowly peel it off after 30 minutes. Apply toner depending on type of skin you have, in this way you will tighten and close the pores.

Customer reviews 

Having a clear, fresh and soft skin is 90 percent of our appearance and confidence. I am using this product one per week and will continue shopping in the future. And I am absolutely sure I will ever need any cosmetic treatments in beauty salons.

Here are a few comments from Crystal Secret Black mask buyers that took my attention.

“Got the mask yesterday and used it that night. I absolutely LOVE it! Pulled all the junk out of my pores! Can’t wait to use it again!” – Jessica Johnson.

“Got mine today, used it and it does work! Skin is so much smoother and the stuff it pulled out. And it isn’t painful at all.” – Ashley Wearer.

 “So I ordered this stuff and it’s amazing. It’s so amazing that my 8 year old son says mommy it’s time for man face to get fixed. He gets his face done every two weeks. He says it relaxes him. Thank you and I’ll be buying more. Too bad I can’t buy in bulk for a good price.” – Elisabeth Emerson.


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