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How Strong is Ganyu’s New Character in Genshin Impact?

Ganyu has at last arrived at Genshin Effects across its servers. Now a lot of men and women are ready to invest the Primogems they conserve to find the horned female character.

But guiding the cute structure, is Ganyu a fantastic character or not? It turns out that lots of mention that ganyu strategy is among the Archer figures with special qualities.

The 5-star Waifu is really a Cryo (es) variety character who makes use of arrows as his most important weapon. In this article are classified as the capabilities Ganyu has as quoted within the Genshin.gg web-site:

Ordinary Assault – Liutan Archery: Shoots six arrows inside of a row
Elemental Skill – Trail of the Qilin: Lays an Ice Lotus which can deal AoE Cyro Injury
Elemental Burst – Celestial Shower: Brings together frost from the ambiance to summon a sacred Cryo Pearl that could eliminate monsters.

The Twitter account of Central Genshin Effects even experienced the perfect time to upload a movie showing what Ganyu’s capacity (disadvantages. 6) seems like when utilised towards Childe stage ninety by itself. The end result was fairly remarkable for many Genshin Influence players.

This can be what makes Ganyu (cooler Amber) touted as among the most effective Cryo-type figures to provide as DPS. Even though Qiqi also has a excellent capability simply because it can do therapeutic, but Qiqi can’t do as much problems as Ganyu.

What do you believe on your own? Is this Ganyu character ‘worth it’ for being pulled or can it be improved for us to wait for another character to become launched? Who below has bought Ganyu? Produce within the opinions column under!